Mr Troll: The Sinful Landing

From the Intergalactic Space, came a small Soul-devouring Alien who travelled light years to reach Earth. Mr Troll.

His mission was simple. To prank and eat as many mouth-watering people as possible.

With his diet being the size of 20,000 Elephants, his Nose being the size of a Grapefruit & his Nostrils being wider than Shrek’s.

Allowing him to smell his delicious, finger-licking meals millions of miles away before the prey even realised they would get Trolled.

His large head is a straight-up red herring to the number of brain cells he has and frankly has a brain that is the size of a literal apple seed.

Additionally, his right eye doesn’t eye have eyelashes because they all burnt off when he was landing on Earth.

In fact, the impact of his landing was so vicious and horrific; that all the hair on his head burnt off. So, he had to wear a 7-year-old Halloween Skull cap to cover it.

mr troll

With a burnt head, a tiny brain and ears longer than a giraffe’s neck. What could possibly be so important to him down here on our beloved Earth?

The answer:

His life is dependent on his ability to prank and devour as many people as humanly ‘monster-ly’ possible.

mr troll

Every time this half brain-celled monster eats someone, it gives him more greed and desire to live on for his next meal.

Mr Troll iTroll

He lurks in the Darkest Places, the narrowest Streets, the most minor Holes, and your local barber (to get a wig).

It’s only about time before you’re next. Get ready to get Trolled…

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