Mr Globby: The Green Goblin

mr globby

Across the mountains of Globulus lived a ‘young’ mischievous crafty green goblin.

Meet Mr Globby

mr globby

Over his 10,000-year-old life, the cunning green goblin desires one thing and one thing only. Teeth.

mr globby

His Gold isn’t normal from incisors to canines to his favourite: molars. He wants them all…

Legend has it he’s the renowned tooth-fairy who pays for your teeth.

mr globby

His face had an improvement with a butt for a forehead and nose smaller than Pinocchio’s grandfather.

With only one bushy eyebrow thicker than 1000 trees. The other eyebrow was shaved off to help restore nature from extinction.

mr globby

Globby works out for 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, giving him biceps as big as Karen’s ego.

And finally…

He has toenails as big as John Cena’s head. With each toe having green icky globby blood coursing through his veins.

Mr Troll.

mr globby

His main aim is to collect all the world’s teeth and use them as ammo that will obliterate his enemies into tiny globulus particles.

With his slingshot’s wood carefully carved from death itself, which he definitely didn’t find in a random forest, Globby is ready to take over the world!!

It’s up to you to possess him…

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