Mr Bling: The Golden Boy

iTroll Mr Bling

From the Golden Ages of Space, Comes a Big Personality who loves Bling.

Meet Mr Bling!

iTroll mr bling

He came from a Planet that had over trillions and trillions of liquified Gold and wearing Gold is considered a Norm.

iTroll mr bling

His Gold isn’t normal. It has more strength than 50,000 gorillas with the diet of an Elephant.

His teeth have Titanium and Golden fillings which cost more than 5 Billion Pounds each.

iTroll mr bling

His Glasses are the most tinted, luxurious ones available to the Multiverse.

iTroll mr bling

His eyebrows have more hair than his head and his left Eyeball is the size of Shrek’s head.

He is here on Planet Earth to Protect you against that malicious, ghastly Prankster,

Mr Troll.

iTroll mr bling

Join him on this adventurous Journey…

You might just get to see Mr Bling, only time can tell.

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